Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It is a Topsy Turny of course!

I was sewing. Mary was washing up a few plates (I am such a mean mummy) and her dolls.
She popped in a few times to get things from her art box...then came in with a present for me.
It is a TUPSY TURNY. She was most pleased with the bit of glue she put in there.
It makes her daddy feel sick but I am proud to have it sitting on my table.


louise35flower said...

Oooh lovely, my girls used to make these as snowstorms and have plastic animals wooshing around in glittery snow!
I love the name Topsy Turny - perfect!

Mel P said...

Beautiful but in a slightly disturbing sort of way ;)

Nicola said...

ROFL - don't ya just love kids!

Vicky x said...

Aren't children great?!