Wednesday 24 February 2010

Knit, Knit, Knitting..

I was given a lot of yarn most oddments, and single balls. But I do have 3 balls of merino wool & silk. I really wanted to make something with this soft buttery yellow yarn - it is so beautiful.

I spent a long time searching for a little shrug pattern as I thought I might just have enough for that. And I found a great pattern on this wonderful blog - 10 Feet High. It is also available via Ravelry.

You can see in the photos all my workings out, and I also wrote down the lace pattern and what things like 'SSK' and 'YO' mean as although I have been knitting for yonks, I wasn't sure what these mean - as maybe they are the American terms.

My yarn is thinner than that used so I had to do a tension square first, but it was all quite easy to work out using the wonderful pattern from 10 Feet High.

After I took these photos I did a few inches of ribs but unpicked them and started again using a larger needle to knit the lace bits as I don't think my yarn would have lasted. And to be honest I am still not sure I have enough yarn so it might turn out to be a nice scarflet.

But if so, I really want to try this bolero pattern in other yarns and colours.

I will keep you posted with pictures of my progress.


Anonymous said...

the colour is lovely! a little shrug would be so nice... keep going!

Izabela said...

wow the pattern looks great! and yarn seems very yummy! if its going to be a neck warmer only - it is going to be very nice one :)