Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bug Hunting

We had a good day out today.

Mary was given a bug hunting kit by her daddy so today we decided to put it to use. First of all we went into the garden and the bug hunter Mary was very brave until I lifted up a stone and the many scurrying woodlice sent her backing off in a hurry. And I have to admit me too! But I was braver when it came to an earwig and I captured it with a special bug-catcher thing and popped it into the viewfinder pot. It was very interesting to look at it.

Then with further bug hunting explorers, namely daddy and Auntie Claire, we set out to the local museum and nearby park.

Daddy managed to capture a fly in the museum gardens. Here is a photo and I must say that I am very pleased with the way this photos turned out.

Here are the bug hunters. That isn't me. My bottom would be much much bigger. That is the svelte form of Auntie Claire.

And on the way out of the park daddy noticed I had a beetle sitting on my back. We had a good look at it and it was very beautiful with a gorgeous green iridescent colour. But I have no idea what type of beetle and the photo is not much good as the bug hunter's hands were shaking a bit as she held the pot but I like the view of her big eyes looking.

So a very good day out. We also took the I Spy Trees book and managed to spot a London Plane, a Sweet Chestnut and a Horse Chestnut.


Anonymous said...

ew, fly! *SWATTT*


Wud & Septima said...

hunting bugs actually sounds like fun~

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I spend my days batting wasps and flys out of hte kitchen... ruddy things! lol
Plane trees are facinating... they were planted in London to help reduce pollution and clean the air... something to do with the peeling bark...

x Alex

Anonymous said...

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