Wednesday 13 October 2010

Button Wednesday - A Box of Buttons

On Saturday we went to an Indoor Car Boot sale. How I love to walk about and browse through the stalls, hoping to find something to treasure.
Luckily enough I found a lady selling buttons. £1 for 5 packs. So I chose 8 and gave her £2.

That evening I enjoyed myself looking through the buttons. My lovely Dad had given me a box he recently bought in an Austrian flea market.   So into the box the buttons went.

The red ones are glass, the blue ones in the bottom left are wood. The ones in the top left and top right are some sort of metal.  Sorry about the photos but it was evening when I took them.

For more button love visit P8 Buttons & Fabrics blog.


kraplap said...

They look gorgeous ! I love the red glass ones, and the ones with the head on the top row at the left. The material could be tagua nut.
Thanks for playing at Button Wednesday !

MitziMakes said...

ooh lovely - i love buttons!

noodleBubble said...

Am a complete button addict - LOVE th black ones second from right at bottom...