Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Button Wednesday - Handmade button, interrrupted but finished.

Last Wednesday I was going to post about a button I was making. I had taken the before shot and then would take another photo when I had finished the button. It was a pink button for my sister to go on her newly made ipad case.

Then I had an urgent message from a friend asking me to take over her half of a stall at a fair on Saturday. 'I cannot do it. I have no stock.' I said. But I thought about it and agreed to do the half table for her.

When I got home from work in the evening I was told the other person was unable to make the fair and could I do the whole table. So my mornings quiet relaxed button-making went and was replaced by frenzied sewing for the fair.

So to continue where I was last Wednesday - here is the before photo of the button. A naked button you could say.

And here is the finished button.

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zsazsazsu said...

love those tiny wheel buttons !

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, I bet it feels wonderful to touch too!

kraplap said...

It's so lovely ! the colour is beautiful.
I do hope you had a great fair though !
Thanks for your button contribution at Button Wednesday:

Unknown said...

what a beauty! glad to have found someone else slightly bonkers about buttons!