Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Royal Wedding Celebrations

I know..I know. It was ages ago. But I am trying to catch up on my blogging aren't I?!

Mary and I watched the Royal Wedding, although Mary did a lot of playing in her room and getting in front of the TV whilst I was trying to see the frocks, and letting off a party popper at a solemn moment in the proceedings.

But we did have rather a lovely lunch on our Royal Wedding paper plates. Cucumber sandwiches and a slice of Victoria sponge of course.

Mary wanted to make them and I found out it was because she had planned a lovely surprise but decorating the plates with a handmade Union Jack and the bits from a party popper (she did get through quite a lot that day).

When her daddy got home from work (because his bosses seemed to think it was a good idea to open the book shop all day), we had scones with jam and cream.

Oh yes the wedding was lovely and having been in a similar situation a week before, made me appreciate it it a bit more. The Duchess of Cambridge (as is) looked so beautiful. Goodness, doesn't it seem a long time ago now though.


Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...

They are lovely Unicon Jacks! (what my little girl calls them...)

Unknown said...

such a long time ago, yes! I blogged about the bank holiday, and it seemed like last year! (I'm catching up, too). love your royal wedding celebrations. think yourself lucky that Mary was into the idea to some degree. my 7 and 4yr olds were NOT, and we had to put up with all kinds just to watch it at all.