Wednesday 16 May 2012

Button Wednesday - Buttons from a fair

On Sunday I went to the South Downs green Fair, at The Sustainability Centre near Clanfield.  It was lovely, really beautiful place.  And there were stalls and lots of stuff going on.  Lots of visitors.  But because it was a large place it did not seem crowded.  And there is such an air of peace about the place.  I love it.

My daughter was in the queue to have her face painted so I had a wander amongst the stalls.  Oooh buttonssss!  On one stall there was a box full of buttons so I had a look through.  And decided to buy these ones.

Little yellow glass buttons

I really like yellow at the moment.  I have a couple of yellow tops and have been wearing them and really believe that they help make me feel all happy.  I am not sure what I am going to do with these pretty yellow buttons but I think I will sew them on a top.

I bought the yellow buttons and then went back to see my daughter. Still in the queue.  I was thinking about another set of buttons I had seen.   Being a bit of a miser (which is not true just a bit short of spondoolics at the moment) I had resisted them at £1.  Then I went back to buy them.

It was the button at the top right I really wanted.  And you know I think I might have paid £1 just for that.  I had thought they were plastic but it turns out most are glass.

Here is my lovely blue button in close-up. I love it because it reminds me of Austria, I think there is something Tirolean about it.  Or maybe I am just obsessed.

But I am rather glad I went back for those buttons.  


Bimbolles said...

Preciosos botones!. Besos

Heather Leavers said...

Oh I really like the blue button too! Have you ever noticed that yellow clothing really attracts insects? I always felt sorry for the kids in yellow team on sports Day, their Tshirts were always covered in flies!

Helen Smith said...

Lovely lovely buttons! My favourites are the yellow set, 50p was a bargain I reckon!

Lynn Holland said...

Hello, I've popped over to say thanks for following my blog. I've linked myself to yours now. You've got lovely buttons there and those little yellow ones are really pretty. I've got some more pics of Karen Turners ceramic buttons to put on Button Floozie sometime this week but I am hoping to add some others too.
Have a good week.
One I Made Earlier Today