Saturday, 29 December 2012

Best Wishes for Christmas & New Year

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and will have a Happy New Year.

We had a lovely time.  Mary and I made some biscuits on Christmas eve

and I had just enough icing sugar to decorate those meant for Father Christmas.

Our presents awaiting us on Christmas Day.

On Thursday 27th, we went to London to see Shrek the Musical which was brilliant, and even though we were on the very highest scary balcony seats it did not  diminish it. 

We also popped into Hamley's and Mary spent her Christmas money on a Build-a-Bear tiger. Back home our cardboard-box-loving-cat tried unsuccessfully to get into the tiger's box. She was so annoyed when she couldn't get through the small window.

Annoyed cat.

In Hamley's they have very impressive Lego statues and here is Mary and the Queen.



Unknown said...

How lovely- nice to see you had such a fantastic time :) Did the cat get a box of it's' own in the end ?

Dotty said...

Glad you had a wonderful time- it is lovely to make fond family memories! We had a good one too. Best wishes for New Year x

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you Karen. No, this time, the cat did not get her own box. Although she does normally inhabit our box for a bit before they are thrown away.

Dotty - thank you and Happy New Year to you too. xx

Anonymous said...

looks like a good time had by all :)