Sunday 16 June 2013

Tutorial - How to Make Your Own Stamps - Great fun for Children And Adults

A pile of handmade stamps

Mary and I are going to show you how to make your own stamps.

You will need an ink pad, a pen or pencil, a polystyrene food  container (clean), and scissors to cut.

 1) Cut a shape from the food container. Make sure you use a flat bit.

 2) Using the pen or the pencil draw your shape or letter in the polysterine. You will have to practise first to work out how hard you need to press.  Remember if you write a word it has to be written backwards on the stamp.

 3) Put the shape design down on an ink pad. Pres down well.
 Mary noticed there was a bit of ink missing in the corner so she put it on the ink pad and pressed again.

 4) Then press it down on a piece of paper.  If you use a piece of rough paper first then you can see whether the design is alright.

 5) Yay! It worked.  T is for Tintin of course as Mary is one of the world's biggest Tintin fan.

All you have to do now is have fun making lots of different designs and seeing what works well.

Here are some others we made:

A cat

A heart

My name



A cat

Mary's name

You can make your stamps into bigger pictures.

 And you can colour in your stamped designs

Are they buttons?

 Or Aliens?

Lots of stamps

 We had lots of fun. And do not be afraid to get mucky.

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