Friday 12 December 2008

It has been an odd week.
After the sewing and knitting for WeMake, it all seems a bit flat this week. Add to that a unwell child off from school...I haven’t had a chance to make anything and the light has been so bad that any photos I take of things to list, are coming out badly.

I had a lovely time at WeMake Christmas. It was really good to see everyone and their lovely stalls. It gave me ideas for next time. I had a panic to get all my labelling done, and the printer gave up! I made a few sales so I was happy.

My stall looked rather nice and colourful. Next time I will have rather less on it, I think. But thanks to my wonderful partner for acquiring the display stuff (even if it was last minute i.e. Friday evening, the night before!).

Sales made me happy, but I was even happier after eating the simply divine cakes that were for sale by the wonderful, superlative, edible, Scrumblicious. Simply the best cakes I have ever tasted. And I have tasted a few!!

Time to sit back and make a plan for next year. I want to develop my shop on etsy and folksy, find other places to sell and other craft fairs. Which is proving a pain. They are either expensive, or for 2 or 3 days which would be ok if I didn’t have a job to go to! I have probably been spoilt for ever, by the wonderful organisation behind WeMake.

But if you know of any craft fairs in my area, please let me know!


LPFish said...

I wish i took more photos of my stall but it never looks right! I always pack mine too full aswell!!

Siansburys said...

Hallos your stall looked very lovely indeed :D

I managed to avoid the cakes, which I regret quite a lot

Please emither your address to me at and I will send you your badger wot I forgot to give to you in London. Duh xx