Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Work in Progress

This is the state of our table just before I left for work this afternoon. I had sewn the zips onto the fabric that I cut out yesterday. Didn't have time to do the seams so I have put them on top of my lovely machine to await for another sewing morning on Thursday.
On the right are some Dorset buttons that have been glued onto hair snaps and are setting. Also some belt buckles awaiting the rest of the belt which is cut out and needs sewing!

Talking of work in is a photo of our cat asleep on the fire. It was on so she was lovely and warm. As you can see we haven't finished the fire surround. Work in progress..been like that for 5 years!!
At least I have made a start on the labels for my products. Just need to finish the products now!

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Simply sCRUMBlicious said...


We are glad you enjoyed our cakes. The craft fair was really fun. Hope you enjoyed it too.