Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow Day - January 2013

Please let me apologise to those of you in Canada, Austria, Scotland, Alaska - any country where you are used to lots of snow.

We in the South of England are not.  We are a bit pathetic in snow.   We had a couple of inches on snow and the buses ground to a halt. the school shut. What can I say?

So when you look at your own 6 foot of snow please don't laugh when you see my photos.

I thought I would try some macro shots but I was not too successful as either the branches or my hands kept wobbling. 


Bimbolles said...

Lovely photos!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very pretty :D The area where I use to live has a bit of snow, but its freezing -20C or more o.0

Miss Poppy and Poppy Seed said...

Great photos, its been the same up here in Norfolk, it was minus 13 one day last week BRRRRR!

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you.