Wednesday 23 January 2013

Snow Day - January 2013

Please let me apologise to those of you in Canada, Austria, Scotland, Alaska - any country where you are used to lots of snow.

We in the South of England are not.  We are a bit pathetic in snow.   We had a couple of inches on snow and the buses ground to a halt. the school shut. What can I say?

So when you look at your own 6 foot of snow please don't laugh when you see my photos.

I thought I would try some macro shots but I was not too successful as either the branches or my hands kept wobbling. 


Bimbolles said...

Lovely photos!

Jennifer Rose said...

very pretty :D The area where I use to live has a bit of snow, but its freezing -20C or more o.0

Marie said...

Great photos, its been the same up here in Norfolk, it was minus 13 one day last week BRRRRR!

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you.