Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sorting Buttons

I am having a stall at a fair on Sunday, it is at Portsmouth's Guildhall so pop along if you can. We will be selling my handmade things but also some vintage supplies.

With that in mind I was sorting through my buttons. The ones I wanted to sew on cards I sorted in to my useful wooden box.

Useful Button Sorting Box

Ready to go..

I started with these lovely red glass ones:

Red Glass Buttons
Glass & Leather buttons

 Then onto the shell/mother of pearl buttons.

Shell /  Mother of pearl Buttons
I was sewing in quite straight lines, very regimented.

Buttons in a row

Buttons in rows

I did this for a while and then got a bit bored of regiment, and decided to go for something else  - freestyle.

Then after that, I went back to regiment.

 So that was one evening's work.  

Now to do the rest.


Unknown said...

That would have been me amused for hours- love buttons :)

Dotty said...

OO all those lovely buttons:) Hope it goes well x

Heather Leavers said...

freestyle looks fab - I feel a bit guilty, I was one of those encouraging you to sew them on luggage tabs!

Bimbolles said...

Lovely buttons!

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you all.

Nifty - don't feel guilty. It was a good recommendation. The luggage tabs are a lot easier than cutting A4 pieces of card into the same size.