Sunday, 10 March 2013

World Book Day 2013 - A Witch but not just any witch.

Here we are again. World Book Day.

Now we thought Mary might go as Cleopatra, she said she wanted to. And I was designing the outfit in my head.  But then I forgot when World Book Day was.  

One evening I had a text from Mary's friend's mum asking if Mary wanted to go with them to buy things for the Julia Donaldson costume for World Book day.   'What Julia Donaldson costume?' I texted back (or words to that effect).  Well, it turns out that this year the school had decided the whole school had to dress up as a character from a Julian Donaldson book.   

I was a bit annoyed for various reasons.  Looking back now I can see that it might put a halt to the 'Disney Princess dress-up' of previous years.   However, at the time I was angry because I thought it was supposed to be the child's favourite character from their choice of books. I also was angry because Mary stopped reading Julia Donaldson ages ago.  

I was mostly angry because this was two days before World book Day and my child had not been given the letter informing us of the school's decision.

So easy option  -  go as a witch. We had witch stuff.  But, you know me, it cannot be any witch. No, it has to be THE witch from Room on the Broom.  So my shopping, sewing, making instinct that every parent has come dressing up day, came into the fore. GO MUMS!!

Here is the book witch:

Here is our Witch:

Yes, I made the skirt (complete with blue dots all over it); yes I made the brooch; yes I made the hair and stuck it onto the hat; yes I put red dots all over the yellow ribbon; yes I glued gold sequins to the star on the wand. She did have a black cloak but we forgot to take the photo of her wearing it.

I am sorry if I appear a bit proud of myself but frankly I am.  The lovely red cardigan is handmade by my mum. 

There were plenty of witches at the school, but there was only one witch who was THE witch.

Bring on World Book Day 2014, baby. 



Heather Leavers said...

oh well done! I do rather take issue with your comment about all mums having that shopping/sewing/making instinct though, I bet there were still a good few kids dressed in disney.

Dotty said...

Mary looks fantastic! You got the costume to a tee- brilliant!