Wednesday 25 September 2013

Tintin Birthday Cake for the Greatest Fan

You might not know (where have you been?) that my daughter is a huge Tintin fan. With her 10th birthday coming up she stated that she wanted a Tintin birthday cake.   Of course, I said.

Several weeks later panic sets in.  Mostly due to my sister who I had hoped would help, being on holiday. How dare she! 

I was getting more and more worried.  I knew I was going to buy a ready made, ready iced cake (thank you Asda) but what to put on top.  If you google Tintin birthday cakes you will see some wonderful examples.  Panic!

But serendipity!

My lovely daughter said she would help. So I bought the cake, I bought packs of ready made icing, I bought tubes of stuff.  And the day before her party we did it.  WE DID IT! Together.

The cake was much admired.


Heather Leavers said...

for a moment there I thought you'd set fire to snowy! lovely cake, and much nicer that the two of you created it together.

Bigbluebed said...

A Snowy candle might have been an idea although I could never set it alight.
Thank you and yes it was a lot of fun doing it together.xx

Dotty said...

A huge success! That will definitely be remembered

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you Dotty.xx