Monday 6 October 2014

Picks from Pinterest - Papier Mache Fruit, Vegetables and a Frog

I thought I would start a few new features on my blog.

The first one is Picks from Pinterest. The title more or less says it all but to clarify - I will find things I like, try them out and tell you about them. You can find me on Pinterest here

(I am also going to share some wonderful sellers and their gorgeous makes with you.  I cannot think of a title for this one yet!)

This is the pear I made using the Pinterest Pick

So here is my first Picks from Pinterest.

Papier Mache Fruit and Vegetables and also a Frog

This from my board Ideas for Children to Make.  Here is the pin but I couldn't find the tutorial on the web page so I have combined it with this  papier mache frog pin  and link to web page.

This craft tutorial appealed to me because at work we are doing Harvest and making some fruit and vegetables in different medium.  This is a lovely simple way of doing papier mache.  We have done papier mache before mostly round balloons but last term we used bowls.

This is great because you can make anything and are not dependent on a mould.

All you need is newspaper, masking tape, glue (the tutorial I looked at used modge podge but I used ordinary PVA glue as that is what I had) and tissue paper.
I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous tissue paper that I used for my apple but the pear I made (pic above) just used the normal coloured tissue paper.

Scrunch up newspaper (or magazine pages if that is all you have, like I had)

Cover with masking tape to hold it in the shape of the fruit of choice

Glue on the tissue paper

I rolled and twisted a piece of brown magazine paper to create a stalk. I had to put my sticky apple in an old jar to dry. I tried to stick a kebab stick up its bottom but I couldn't get in there so next time I might leave a little space between the masking tape.

The finished and dried papier mache apple.

It was very succesful and I am going to try making different shapes next. I will keep you informed.
The children's work was wonderful and they created some juicy looking pineapples, pears, plums, oranges and apples.

If you have a go then please let me know how you got on.

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