Sunday, 23 August 2009

Our Summer - Catch Up

Hello. I haven't blogged about our summer for ages so sorry that this is a huge catch-up one.

Little Blue and I went to Gunwharf and a very nice man tried to sell me a hair curler. It was very nice and pretty pink and her hair looked beautiful..but no thanks not for £80 (and that was the sale price).
Earlier in the day we went to the museum to see the birds. It was wonderful. The man had them flying but I have discovered that I am no good at action photography and you will have to make do with this photo instead.
Inside the museum they had an exhibition based around life in Portsmouth and family life. Wasn't I astonished to see a picture of me! I knew my mum had recorded some stories of her life but I did not know she had given them photos a well. I was really proud and wanted to point it out to everyone. Oh yes that is the rest of the family too! I am the baby.

We looked at the art on the wall.

Another day I took Little Blue to the local park (or one of the many local parks as we are quite lucky and have 3 near us). Little Blue decided to take her pram and I was not the least bit embarrassed that she went dressed as a fairy.
It was a very hot day so guess who pushed the pram home? And look who is having a ride..

Last week on a glorious day we decided to go to the Isle of Wight. The night before I checked Wightlink website and saw they had 2 for 1 vouchers for foot passengers to Ryde. So we were lucky enough to get money off the fair. It was still an expensive day though when all the ice-creams and chips and fairground rides had been paid for.
We did not go any further than Ryde and didn't need to as it was lovely. Unlike the other side (ie Southsea) Ryde has a sandy beach. What a change not to hurt your feet on the shingle beach and I did not mind sandy sandwiches at all. In the afternoon the tide went out and I was amazed that you can walk out for ages and the water is quite shallow still. It looked as if you could walk to Portsmouth
Here is a view looking towards Portsmouth and you can see the Spinnaker Tower.
Mary on a darling little carousel.
And two bathing beauties - or maybe one and a beached whale!

Well that is it so far. Well done to getting the the end of this post. Another week and a bit of the holidays to go.


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

it's been lovely to be nosey and see what you and Mary have been getting upto on your holidays!
i'm loving the holidays even with the rubbish weather!

Anonymous said...

you guys have had such a great summer! and mary's hair looks *fabulous* with those curls!! x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have been to portsmouth a few times to go to the scrapstore... and Mr P worked as a contractor at Astrium for a while... when we were looking for accomodation for him while he was there we looked into places on the IOW but the ferry was a little pricey to make it a regular daily trip...

I would love to visit the IOW one day though, it looks wonderful...

Thank you for sharing your holiday pics, and Mary looks lovely with ringlets, but I agree £80 is £60 to dear at least! ;D

have a good week and a half

yufinats said...

can't wait your next weekend story (>.<)