Wednesday 5 August 2009

Summer Days - Wednesday Monsters in the Library

Today we went to the local library for a Monsters Party. The children made monster masks. I love hers with its skilful use of white space.

It is ok, it is only my little girl.

The librarians had brilliantly arranged boxes which children had to close their eyes and dip their fingers in and guess whether it was Shrek's eyeballs or similar. Mine refused to do it even after having a couple of 'little thinks'. They did not allow adults to do it. Shame. I am ashamed to say I was a little bit annoyed with her for not doing it. But I must not expect to live my life vicariously through my child.

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Mel's Mixed Media said...

Brings back lovely memories of taking my kids to the library every Saturday when they were little. The only monsters in our library were my 3 little monsters! I haven't been to the library in years!