Friday 7 August 2009

Summer Days - Thursday Beachcombing and waiting for the catbus.

Thursday was forecast for rain. Turned out hot and I returned home with sun burnt shoulders. But a lovely day all the same.
We went to the shore. Not Southsea which is south - we went east towards Langstone. Over the other side of a busy roads (and one of the main thoroughfares into Portsmouth) was a lovely quite, restful shoreline.
This is the road side:
Looking towards Hayling Island:

Looking towards Portsdown Hill:
The idea was a bug hunt and Mary had a 'map' she had drawn for us to tick any creatures that we saw. I didn't see any googly-eyes at the shore but we did see lots of weeny crabs that I failed miserably to catch for closer inspection.
We went home via a park as despite a lovely walk and exploring Mary still wanted to 'play' as she put it. We said hello to the animals at the park and found that the hens took a shine to Mr BBB cooing (or whatever hens do) at him and following him round.

The ducklings were very cute and the goat a lot bigger than I remembered.

I was a time and we were all exhausted back at home.
Note: if the tide is coming in quickly think of a plan before you are cut off. Mr BBB jumped up on the wall and I remained at the bottom to help hoist up the child. Unfortunately Mr BBB was incapable of hauling up 11 stone of me and I was too unfit to scale the wall. Do not worry I walked a longer way and found another route up. But the people in the boats learning to sail must have had a good laugh.

Before I forget..the catbus.

On the way home which seemed so long, we stopped on a train bridge to see the trains. I was so tired, Mary was tired, Mr BBB was tired. I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if the catbus came and picked us up (google it). I shouted for it, Mary shouted for it, Mr BBB nearly died of embarassment, but it never came. Maybe a railway bridge was the wrong place to wait. Do you know where the catbus stops?


AMIdesigns said...

sounds like a lovely day! glad you didn't get cut of by the tide :D
Off to google catbus..

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

i think that you have to wait at a bus stop for the catbus! i wish it would come for me knowing but my bus luck it'd be full of loud chavvy teens!

ColoursandTextures said...

Hi bbb, lucky you, I love that bit of coast. Catbus? I've seen the Duckbus at the Wetlands place at Barnes and the dinosaur train on the IOW

Mel's Mixed Media said...

Sounds like you're having a very eventful but fun week! :)
BTW - just thought I'd mention, you've been tagged. See here for details:

Dodo and Solitaire said...

Ahhh bless, sounds like a lovely day out! I think Totoro needs to be around for the catbus to turn up you guys will just have to look extra hard for him next time!