Monday, 11 January 2010

And then there was snow...

After me saying that it was back to work and 6 weeks to half-term..the snow came. Which was fun for my daughter and me the first 2 days as we went sledging. Then it got colder and icy and not so much fun.

But back to work and school for us today. I have to walk to work and then walk to the schools to pick up the children who go to my after school club (well not mine but where I work). I am wearing my big snow boots so should be safe.

All this snow has made me long for skiing holidays in Austria so hopefully we will be going in 2011. We will have to buy a new sledge as it got a little bit broken when Paul and I went down together on it. Whoops.

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louise35flower said...

yep I think we've all had enough of the snow now...we're into the brown slush stage now, ewwwww!