Friday, 22 January 2010

Cookies and a cup of tea.

My daughter was given a chocolate chop cookie kit from Scarlet Bakes .

With her daddy's help, she made them yesterday. Then then unwisely left me alone with them this morning. Since taking the photo and uploading it, I can tell you that there are 4 missing. Must have been the cat!

The mug was a Christmas gift from my mother in law. It is one of a set of 6. Paul and I also had another mug each from them. I think for the last 6 Christmases we have had at least 2 mugs for Christmas from her. And there are only 2 of us! (Well 3 but the little one doesn't drink tea or coffee). The trouble is I love all my mugs and the thought of parting with any is sad.

But I must say I do love my new mugs they are just the right shape and size for a perfect cup of tea.

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