Saturday 23 January 2010

My Weekend WishList

My friend Maisy of Tea and Jewels blog and lots of lovely online shops, had this idea from a friend from the EST forum on etsy.

So I thought I would join in too.

I will check back on Monday to let you know what I have accomplished.

* do my tax return or at least start it

* do some revision my my exam on Wednesday

* do some making & crafting with my daughter

I have kept it short this time, as I need to get those top two main things done.
See you on Monday.


Anonymous said...

have a lovely weekend alix - and very best of luck for the exam this week! xx

karuski said...

Nice to meet you Alix and thanks for joining the fun! I hope you get started with taxes and still have some spare time to craft with your daughter. Have a great weekend, see you soon again!


Kim van Waardenburg said...

Well I hope you can do all your planns this weeeknd. Good luck on your examns!