Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day Six & Snowy Dogs

Today was a day of moving more stuff around.  I try to do little sewing during the weekends so I can devote myself to my daughter who of course is quite happy playing by herself.  But I like to be around just in case.

I have found that I can happily sit and sew in the evenings now. It will be even nicer when the room is warmed by our lovely new radiator. Which I hope will be tomorrow night.

All I managed to do today was practise bow making as I have been asked to make some bow hair clips.

At lunchtime we went to MacDonald's. This is not something we regularly do but they are giving away Tintin toys with their Happy Meals and my daughter is a huge fan.  We saw the movie during Half term and she loved it.  She also loves Snowy and because of this she has a collection of Snowy dogs.  She took some photos this afternoon and as she is asleep, I cannot ask her permission but I will sneak in one shot.

I had been meaning to write less about myself but this make a day challenge means I am constantly talking baout things I make.  So to make the blog more interesting I will start to let you know of some of my favourite makers.

The plumber will be here in the morning and the radiator fitting will probably take all day so I will not get much pc time, or even sewing time.  I will have to rely on having ideas. 

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