Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Jellyfish & Buttons

Day Seven (Monday 7th November 2011) - Making failure.  We left the house for the morning and went to town for Christmas present browsing. This was so our lovely plumber could put in the new radiator.  Our flat is tiny and 3 people in it would have been a nightmare.   In the evening I had an annoying headache and  made nothing. Sorry but I am not going to overly worry as there will be days when I can do nothing.

Day Eight - Rushed about this morning.  On our shopping trip yesterday I bought a voucher for my niece's 18th birthday.  My husband forgot to take it out of his bag and it went to work with him.  So I had to do a trip to get it back and give it to my niece.

 In the between times - I moved my sewing things from my daughter's bedroom where I dumped ..I mean stored them, back to lounge.

I also practised making this jellyfish in a bottle as I wanted to do it with the children at my work.

This is a really good thing to make.  The children enjoyed making them. Water everywhere. I still have blue fingers from the food colouring.  Great fun.

In the evening I made some Dorset Button Hair Clips.  I love playing with colour and seeing what would look good. I was going to make them with two different shades of green but then I found the pink!  I love pink and green.  A bit shocking and some may hate them. But I love them. They are now in my etsy shop.

I will try the two greens another time.  


Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...

I love pink and green too!! Those hair clips are gorgeous :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the mixed colour buttons, Alix! xx