Tuesday 11 September 2012

Run, Run, running (and drum, drum, drumming up support)

I am a bit of a slob.  I am not sporty. I am the last picked in the team games, you know the one.  I put on weight when pregnant with my daughter and now she is nearly 9 it is still there.

I don't mind being pleasantly plump but I don't want to be unfit.

So..(and please don't giggle here) I have taken up running.

I might not run for the rest of my life, I might just do exercise at home. However,  I have, in a quick-press-return-before-you-change-your-mind moment, I signed up the The Great South Run 5km.  It is not the big run but a small version the day before.  But still 5km, that is about 3 miles, that is pretty good for a start. To spur me on I have decided to raise money for the NSPCC ChildLine.

So this morning I went for my first run.  Which is actually a lie as I went for my first, second and third run about a month ago but then we went on holiday and I stopped.  But I have started again.  I have my playlist on my ipod, I have a kit to wear, I have my hair tied back in an unflattering way, baby I am ready!

If you do want to sponsor me, and it would be very much appreciated, you can follow this link to the site. Thank you.


Christmas Pie Crafts said...

Hi Alix

Good luck - am off to sponsor you. Hope you raise loads and loads of money.


Nic :) said...

Have donated! Good luck! x

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you Nic, you angel xx

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you Jill, you are so lovely xx