Friday, 14 September 2012

What's is going on at your library?

Is is worth checking out what is happening at your library as there may be something crafty going on.

I went to a free Beadmaking taster course this morning at my local library.  The beads that we made were paper ones which you make by rolling the paper round a kebab stick and gluing.  I have done this before, but the lovely lady had lots of examples where the basic paper beads are embellished with fabric and yarn.  So we all had a play.

Beads drying on the stick.  The white thread will come off when the beads are dry.

It really was great fun.  I am so used to crafting in my room, all alone that it was a wonderful change to sit with others.  We didn't chat lots but we did talk about crafts we did, and we could have a good look at each others' beads.

The are lots of lovely tutorials on the Internet showing how to make the paper beads, but I might do my own and pop it on my blog.

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