Saturday 19 January 2008

One more present finished.

Hooray! I have finally finished my sister's present. I was knitting her a scarf made of a lovely grey cotton with beads and a flower design. I have finished it and it is in the post to her.
I really enjoyed making it despite having to unpick the flower design several times. But bother I forgot to take a photo.
My mother's birthday next. I asked her what she wanted that I could make (limited selection, I know!). She wants a bag, that she can wear under her jacket to keep it safe, that she can pop her passport and travel documents in, which is soft so she doesn't get hurt if she falls on it (we are going skiing). So I have started the design and I am very excited about it.
When I have finished I must make some more things for etsy. I had a bit of a disappointment last week. Etsy said that I had sold the little red flower brooch. Yes! I thought my first sale but unfortunately they never paid and I never heard anything from the buyer despite giving them time and sending messages. Oh well better luck next time.