Thursday 26 April 2012

Buttons on a new Cardigan

I have just been reminded that I do not have any photos of buttons actually on clothes, in my etsy shop listings. The reason for this is that I have not had any clothes with my buttons on.  I keep meaning to but most buttons I make I put up for sale.

My lovely mum knitted my daughter this gorgeous cropped cardigan. She made one a couple of years ago in different colours and patterns and Mary loved it.  This one is so lovely too.

Mum asked me to make the buttons for it. So last night I did.  I was going to make just one colour but thought it would look nicer with one of each and  two of one.  Then I decided not to have the pink one on, then changed my mind.  So here is the cardigan with the button all sewn on.  And now I have a photo to put on all my listings.

Cardi with 4 buttons

Close-up of the purple button
My sister is making herself a regency dress for a costume party. I have made the buttons for it. So she needs to hurry up and finish it so I can take a photo!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

A Little Less Bread..A Little more Healthy

I am trying to eat less bread.  I realised I was having toast for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch and then maybe more bread in the evening.  So I am cutting down a bit.

Therefore I must find other things to eat for my lunch.  Today I had rice, with a mushroom and sweetcorn omelette chopped up in it.  Looks gross but is very nice.

As this is surely a riveting topic I will keep you posted on other lunches.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

New Button Set and Button Work in Progress

I have just finished a new set of buttons, which I have called 'Wave the Flag' which I thought rather appropriate for this year with the Queen's Jubilee and the olympics.

I am also working on some new sets. There is the 3 colour 'Candy Stripe' and the other two buttons both use gold thread (not real gold I am afraid). One is all gold, and the other has a single strand of gold sewn in with the dark blue.

I also have in mind another set which involves pink (again).

Monday 16 April 2012

New Website - still work in progress

My new website is still very much a  work in progress. I suppose a website is an ever growing and changing thing.  I wanted to have mainly a place where people can find me, then be directed off to the right place to find out more or buy my work.  I do hope that is what I have got.

I have just added a blog to the website too.  This blog is about me, my family, and my sewing.  The blog on my website will be more about the work that I make and sell. But do not worry if you only read this blog, as I will still keep you informed about my work.

I would love it if you went and had a look at my website, and visited the different pages.  Like I said, it is still being worked on so please be patient.  If you see any glaring errors do let me know.

Thank you


Thursday 5 April 2012