Saturday 10 June 2017

Something for Father's Day (and for every day too)

Have you heard about Sugru?  

Sugru - fun and useful
It is only fairly recently that I have and since then I have been wanted to try it. So I was very happy to be sent some by the lovely people at Sugru. If you are still looking for that Father's Day present then this might be the very thing. (In this case it is this mother's present and a few other people to whom I have given a pack.)

So what is Sugru?  Sugru is a mouldable glue. It looks and feels a bit like plasticine so you can have fun rolling it between your fingers, but it is a glue so you can stick it to things, stick stuff together, mend stuff etc. After 24 hours it turns into a flexible silicone that stays until you want to remove it. It sticks to most surfaces and it is waterproof, heat resistant ( check product for temperatures) and water resistant. 

In a world where there is a constant demand to buy, buy, buy new things, it is nice to have a designer who created something that enables us to fix the stuff we already have. 

To check out its many uses click on this link to the website but don't forget to look on Pinterest too.

In this Rebel Tech Kit you get a booklet with 14 different ideas to fix, hack and improve your gadgets, 4 packets of Sugru ( in different colours), a handy tin, and a scraper. The retail price (as of June 2017) is approximately £10. 

When I was telling my friends at work about Sugru and how great it is, they asked if I was selling it as I was so enthusiastic. No, I am not but I do recommend  it. I am going to use the white pack to make a holder for my electric toothbrush top. It will stick on our tiles just above the bathroom sink.

 As for the other packs - I am going to have lots of fun deciding what to do with them.

If you too are intrigued by Sugru then GO check it out.

(My sugru kit was sent free from the lovely Sugru people. I am writing about it because I love it, I have not been paid in any way).