Saturday 29 September 2007

More on Etsy.

I spent some time on Etsy today. I am amazed at all the gorgeous things out there. I do plan to start selling but I am still designing my bags.

Here is a photo of Little M that I took one day when we were looking at my growing fabric collection.

I love reading the Etsy forums and having a look at the sellers' items. This also leads to looking at their blogs. One I visited recently is and I hope the lady will not mind me mentioning it.

Thursday 27 September 2007

Nothing new made...

...but lots of ideas.
I have been working in my new job and when I am not at work I am asleep (or almost). However I have spent a lot of today looking at etsy. My little princess has been playing with the cat and her (the princess's not the cat's) Prince so I have had time to potter about on the Internet.
I want to make her a pair of princess slippers with sequins and things but so far have not found a pattern. I think I might just sit down and invent my own pattern.
My mum gave me some fabric and I am going to make myself a bag. I bought stiff interfacing which I will use as I want it to be a clutch bag/purse.
As I have not made anything or even started on anything I have no photos but as soon as I have done or started a project I will keep you posted.

Friday 14 September 2007

Patchwork Throw

I found some fabric I had stored away in my wardrobe. It is perfect for my current needs. I have decided to start making a patchwork throw for our couch. It will be handmade i.e no sewing machine (but of course I might change my mind!). I was going to do octagons as I have an octagon template but decided it was too hard so it is nice easy squares for me.

I have posted photos of the very beginning and hopefully you will be able to see the progress week by week. This was a few days ago and already I am a little further on.

My mum has given me some lovely remnants that she bought from Allders (when they existed). They are going to be made into something sumptuous.

Also I went to a shop that sells curtain material and bought lots of remnants for a very good price.

So I have a very nice stash of fabric but I still want to buy some fat squares from Etsy. Lovely Japanese material.

Tuesday 11 September 2007

Pillowcase Apron.

This afternoon, with Little M at playschool, I set about making my pillowcase apron.

Actually it was quite easy and finished very quickly. It would have, of course, turned out better if I had complete control over my sewing machine. A couple of times it went a bit quicker than I could follow but taking all things into consideration I am pleased with my apron.
Next time I would make the pockets less deep as I might easily lose things in them. In the photo I have popped the pencil and scissors up. I also intend to make a little pincushion which I might sew or velcro on.
So if you have an old pillowcase or see one in a charity shop then here is an ideal project for you!

Wednesday 5 September 2007

More about The Crafter's Companion book

The book is edited by Anna Torborg and published in the UK by Snowbooks. If you want it from outside the UK I am sure that any good bookshop will be able to trace it for you.

The first project that I am going to attempt from the book is an apron. This design by
Hillary Lang uses an old pillowslip and this morning I bought a lovely one for 50pence from a local charity shop. So all I need to do now is to get my sewing machine out from the wardrobe.

I have a fairly modern electric one but I pine after my old hand powered Singer. I did see a similar one in another charity shop but it was missing parts.

Number One

I am taking a break 'twixt Georgette Heyer audio books to write my first blog ever!
Well, I thought that I might as well join the rest.
But really my inspiration comes from a book called The Crafter's Companion. This is a wonderful book and has inspired me to take up crafts again. So I will be posting news of my attempts here plus any other things of interest. Now I am going as I have to pick up Little M from school. I will post the crafters from that book later.