Saturday 19 February 2011

Shopping in Cath Kidston

There is a new Cath Kidston in Gunwharf.

Although I do like her stuff, when I was in Winchester nearly everyone had a Cath Kidston bag of some sort.  So I was a bit dismissive of it.

Then I went in the shop and I was like a little child in a sweetshop (or a 42 year old woman in a sweet shop *sucking on her liquorice sticks*).

I saw some lovely things. The flowery stuff a bit much but to be fair I think that is because there are so many rip offs in the High Street right now.

And of course that is the trouble. Cath Kidston does beautiful fabric and designs and they are popular. And because they are so recognisable you do spot people with them.  I don't know - is this such a bad thing?

I know one of the things I love about handmade is that you get something few people have and at least no-one in the street where you live.

However, because someone does lovely designs and becomes popular I should not be so dismissive of them. But support them in their endeavours. Maybe.

Anyway, it is one for discussion.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Things are Looking Brighter

I finally managed to upload the photos on my 'phone to my PC. Actually it was pretty easy and I only hadn't done it before because I kept forgetting.  If something isn't written on a bright coloured post it note and stuck to my forehead and then I am shoved in front of a mirror, I do tend to forget them.  Or remember them in the most inconvenience places where it is not good remembering then.

Anyway I had taken a few photos of a glorious rainbow that I saw on the way to work one day. I have slightly enhanced the photos but it is more or less how the rainbow looked in real life.

I love a rainbow and looking at this photo makes me feel positive. After having colds, a week long bad back, another cold etc.I am feeling better. I am less stressed about the wedding as now we have made decisions even if the decision is not to do something.

And after months of making nothing I am getting itchy fingers again.

So here is to the rainbow in ours lives.