Wednesday 30 March 2011

Kickstarting the Creative Engine

Brummmm, brummmm. Turning the key and hoping to jolt the creative spirit into starting. And whatever car analogies pop into mind.

I wrote here about how I am finding it hard to be creative at the moment.  So I thought I would tell you about a few things that are helping.

Sewing with kids - I do work with children and their creativity is inspiring.

Sew from a book. I bought this book and have made a few things from it. I have just made a little bunny for my neice's birthday.  Sometimes just sewing helps.


Stringing beads - finding different colour combinations is fun and can jump-start (here I go again!) the process.   Also, I now have a nice bead necklace to wear.

(The blue shirt is my work shirt - just so you don't think it is my choice!)

Or sew from the web. I love making these Kanzashi flowers.I used this great tutorial and would love to buy the book.

 So here's hoping all this activity will encourage me, once more to drive along the road of my own designs. (Sighs).

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Window on the Wall

Window on the Wall
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I saw this reflection the other evening and quickly took a couple of shots, before it disappeared. It was only on the wall for 5 minutes before it was gone.
Must be the sun moving/setting.

The real window is to the left. So the room is square. this is on the front wall. The window is on the wall to the left.

Friday 4 March 2011

Falling into a Pit of Doldrums

I am feeling a bit of a creative bleugh at the moment.

I haven't made anything original for ages. And do not seem to have to impetus to do so.

I am able to rush and make things when challenged as for the surprise craft fair before Christmas. But most other times I am slumped on my couch.

And living in a tiny flat with 2 others, and having to tidy away each time doesn't help. I know others work in a similar environment and thrive, or at least get on with it, but I cannot.  I would love to have a studio and just have 'my stuff' around me to dip in when I want.

I did make a little owl for Mr BBB. I had found a fantastic little book in a charity shop called 'The Cute Book' - see here.  Made a cat and a dog for Mary. Then felt inspired to design something of my own. So I looked for pictures of baby owls and based my design on one.  Made a pattern and then hand made the little owl.

So I can do it.

Maybe someone could jab me with a stick or something.

Anyway before I fall into the pit of doldrums, I thought writing in my blog would be the first step to getting my backside of my couch.

We will see.