Wednesday 4 March 2015

World Book Day Cometh - BFG Ears if you want them

This Thursday is World Book Day. A day that is greeted by groans throughout the country. If you don't know it, then let me tell you about it.  Parents panic buy, or use what they can, or make a costume for their poor child. This costume is based on a character from a book (but somehow characters from films , albeit books, crop up often). It is not a competition. But it is! And it really is, as many classrooms and schools have prizes for the best costume.  God bless the poor child who's parents forgot and goes in school uniform.

So, this last year of my daughter's primary school, the school gave a list of books to choose from (but of course you can choose any book, they said). So my tall daughter is going as the BFG, as that is her nickname at school.

Panic buy rubber ears and a bald cap. Cut up a black t shirt into a vaguely waist coat shape and bleach it so it is brown. Beg, borrow, not steal, my sister's green trousers. Use an old white school shirt. Find a tiny doll and make her some glasses so she is Sophie.

Have you ever bought those plasticky rubbery false ears? They have a hole that you are supposed to be able to manipulate your ear into and hope they stay on.  Nope and nope.  And anyway they are too small.

I have sewn a couple of bits of string onto each ear in the hope that she can tie the ears on. But they are still too small.

So I have copied and changed some BFG ears and am glueing them onto the rubber ears.

But I thought you might want to have the ears for your own use so here is the image. There are two ears and two ear backs. It is up to you how you stick them to the head but please no staples.

I have put mine in Word. You can fit the right and left front onto A4 landscape and they come out a nice size.  If you cannot copy the images from here then contact me with your email address and I will send you them.

Have fun and let me know if you use them.