Friday 26 March 2010

My Work Space

My family and I live in a one bedroom flat. Last year we bought a sofa bed and gave over the bedroom to our daughter as her room. So our lounge is also our bedroom and my workspace.

A few days ago we bought this storage unit and after many many hours putting it together, I had the fun of sorting through my boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff and putting it all into MY cupboard.

It is not very neat - much to my husband-to-be's annoyance. But it is a workable space for me where I can access what I need. Or will be when I have finished sorting. I still have lots of fabric to put on the shelves. And some paperwork to file which for now I have put behind the doors. Oh yes and much yarn which lives in plastic boxes hidden to the left of the cupboard.


Wednesday 10 March 2010

It is Spring and Purple Flowers are Growing

Well the sun may think it is Spring but the cold wind doesn't.

But I have been working on some more flower hair clips. I bought some sumptuous purple fabric. And started with these flowers.

Then I was thinking - roses. And they of course have lots of petals. I love old roses and spent a while thinking about it and then in the end just got out my trusty scissors and cut some petals of different sizes. A few beads and this is the result.

This one is a present for a work friend. But I will be making some for my shop soon. If you want one of you own in the meantime then do contact me as I love making it so much I will be happy to make some more.