Friday 26 March 2010

My Work Space

My family and I live in a one bedroom flat. Last year we bought a sofa bed and gave over the bedroom to our daughter as her room. So our lounge is also our bedroom and my workspace.

A few days ago we bought this storage unit and after many many hours putting it together, I had the fun of sorting through my boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff and putting it all into MY cupboard.

It is not very neat - much to my husband-to-be's annoyance. But it is a workable space for me where I can access what I need. Or will be when I have finished sorting. I still have lots of fabric to put on the shelves. And some paperwork to file which for now I have put behind the doors. Oh yes and much yarn which lives in plastic boxes hidden to the left of the cupboard.



Anonymous said...

that's a super unit, alix! x

Bimbolles said...

Congratulations for your work corner!. Las niƱas Bimbollas

louise35flower said...

It is so good to get all your stuff organised, I find it really inspires me to work.

gtlady said...

You are so organised, I am green with envy, but what a gorgeous storage unit!

Izabela said...

that is great unit and it is all nice and cozy - most important thing is that you can have everything you need in one place, I get annoyed because some bits I keep in my bedroom and some in our lounge and never know where to look for what :)


Anonymous said...

I always love to see how people arrange the space in the home. It looks pretty organised to me! xx