Useful Links

I have recently started crochet and I am enjoying making amigurumi animals both for my daughter and for the children at the club where I work.
There are many many patterns out there on the Internet and this is just a small selection. I will keep updating this list so please do let me know of any other links.

Let's start with basic tutorials courtesy of PlanetJune here.  Including an excellent one for making a magic ring here.

If I am making prizes for the children I want something small and quick to make. Here are some I have find (or been directed to by wonderful helpful people):

Little Yoda  by Happy Together 

Tiny Whale by  PlanetJune

The tiny whale is donationware.  Now I know there are lots of free patterns available but I am always happily willing to pay for lovely patterns.

So here are a few shops:

Stripey Blue  on etsy.

PlanetJune  (has such lovely animals).