Wednesday 19 November 2008

Sewing and sewing...

As you know I have my very first craft fair coming up.. WeMake Christmas on 6th December. So I am sewing and knitting and sewing in order to have as much stock as possible.
Last week was knitting week, this week is supposed to be sewing week.
I did a bit of knitting in the evening, and might continue that way.

But this morning, after a period where the icy grip of fear grabbed at my backbone, I soldiered on and made some purses. The reason I have such a fear, is of course the fear of failure. I have known this feeling a long time, but somehow manage to shove it out the way and carry on.

I made 6 purses, rather successfully I must say.

More tomorrow.

Tuesday 18 November 2008

All better now.

We are all well now.
I am busy sewing and making building up my stock levels for WeMake Christmas.

If you want to see have a look at my flickr page

Thursday 6 November 2008

Not a well Frog

'Not a well frog' was something a phrase my brother came home with, after one of his many merchant navy trips. I think there was a little puppet on board a cruise ship (entertaining not having a holiday), and it was his catchphrase. So of course the family started to use it.

Well, anyway, I have not been a well frog. My daughter was unwell and then me. Flu type thingy.
But now I am better. And yesterday I made 3 purses, and one hat. Today I unpicked one hat and made another!