Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

New Week, New Day, New Things - Day One

I am going to try and make as much as I can each day, without losing quality of course.  It is not so much that I want to make lots and lots; I just want to make something each day.  So I thought I could share here. There will be days when I cannot make anything but that is ok so please do not give me a hard time.

So let us begin. Today, Day One, I made

A HeadBand:-

 It has two flowers. One chocolate brown velvet with tweed button and...
 one tweed with chocolate brown velvet button.

 I also made one shoe clip in brown tweed, with mustard yellow button.
I have to go to work soon so will make the other shoe clip tomorrow. There you go I have something planned already!

So catch up with you then.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Flowers in the Rain

Ok not that much rain, just a little bit. Other than that it is a dull, dull day.  So how about a lovely bright flower brooch to brighten up your day.
It is made out of lovely, bright, warming mustard yellow, and brown tweed fabric.  I love this combination.

This is the latest in the new range of flower brooches that I am making.  I like 'em big and bold!

I have looked at the flowers and designed them from scratch. This one is a Polyanthus. or Primrose.

I have also made some Day Lily brooches.

I have modelled the last two but 1) I am a rubbish model, and 2) They don't look quite right on my coat.  So as soon as the sun comes out a bit more and I find a nice black jacket, I will take some more photos.

All available from my etsy shop now.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Wonderful Work of AmyandPia

Today I would like to introduce you to the work of Amy from AmyandPia over on etsy. Amy does wonderful things with yarn.  

This has to be the loveliest dragon. Isn't he sweet. happily snoring as he dreams of soaring over little villages. I am sure he is not the scary sort of dragon. Maybe. 

And if cats are more your thing than have a look at this adorable puss.  

Both the dragon and cat are needle felted. Now I have tried needle felting and it is not easy, so I do admire Amy's work even more. Amy also knits and these teddys are lovely.  I bought one for my daughter and it lives in her treasure box for special things. Amazing in things so tiny, is the character that Amy has managed to get into her work.

Amy also makes larger things including this gorgeous bolero. Wouldn't you love to wear it? I know I would.

Do pop over to Amy shop. Remember AmyandPia over at etsy.  Also have a look at her blog. 

Tuesday 18 October 2011

I am In Popular Crafts Magazine!

Hello again.  It seems a while since I was here and you know what, I was going to do a post which wasn't about me. Looking back I realised that for a long time I have just written about me, me, me.  So I aimed to write a post about someone else.

Sorry, but that post will have to wait.  Because I am so excited to let you know that I am in the wonderful Christmas Bumper Issue of Popular Crafts magazine. I have a tutorial, my blog is mentioned, my buttons are shown and I have done a book review. It is all so lovely!

I am going to recommend that you go and buy this magazine. Go on then!  Not only I am in it, but seriously it is a great magazine. There is so much in it and lovely articles to read, competitions and more, more, more.

I am going to take it to work, as ok I want to show off. But I also know that the children at work will find so much fun stuff to make.

So pop out and try it. Now!!

Monday 3 October 2011

Covered Button Hair Grips

Covered Button Hair Grips
Originally uploaded by bigbluebed

I had a very productive evening yesterday.

The other day, in this post, I showed you a covered button hair clip I had made. It was using a larger ring and was a bit too big for the hair clip.

So now I have used the smallest ring I have, and voila!

I am very pleased with them. It helps of course that the fabric I have used is divine. But what a good way to use up all your scraps.

In the next issue of the Crafteroo magazine I will be looking at different types of covered buttons, so don't forget to buy the issue.

The hair clips are available in my etsy shop now. Or if you see something you like then you can always contact me direct at or leave a comment.  I do have both brown and blond hair clips.