Thursday 27 October 2011

Flowers in the Rain

Ok not that much rain, just a little bit. Other than that it is a dull, dull day.  So how about a lovely bright flower brooch to brighten up your day.
It is made out of lovely, bright, warming mustard yellow, and brown tweed fabric.  I love this combination.

This is the latest in the new range of flower brooches that I am making.  I like 'em big and bold!

I have looked at the flowers and designed them from scratch. This one is a Polyanthus. or Primrose.

I have also made some Day Lily brooches.

I have modelled the last two but 1) I am a rubbish model, and 2) They don't look quite right on my coat.  So as soon as the sun comes out a bit more and I find a nice black jacket, I will take some more photos.

All available from my etsy shop now.

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