Tuesday 17 July 2012

Coming on to Rain or Rain Clearing?

Here are some views of the sky which will no doubt be familiar to those of you who are in the UK right now. 

These photos were taken yesterday evening but it is sky I have seen a lot recently.  That is unless the sky is grey all over and there is rain pouring from it.

Inspired by the colours, I have made a set of buttons, or at least I have made 3 of them so far.  These are them. I have altered the background colour slightly as it was coming up blue (for some reason the light is so bad at the moment!) but these are the colours of the buttons. Grey, blue, white.  Sometimes there is more blue sky, sometimes more white cloud, and sometimes more grey cloud. Rain clearing or coming on to rain?

Sunday 15 July 2012


Just a few photos to show you of windows.  The first is one of my cat which I took a few days ago. I saw her behind and the shadow on the net in front and I was so happy when I got the shot. I like it lots and thought I would show it to you, and also a couple of other shots of windows I have taken.

This one is in The Square Tower in Old Portsmouth.  You can see how thick the walls are.

This is of my wall, with the shadow of our window on the wall.  It only happens in certain light.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Button Wednesday - Gold Medal - aka Giant Button

I am not a sporty person - years of being picked last for the team events in school PE has left a fear of failure in my mind.  BUT I really enjoyed watching Andy Murray and his excellent opponents in the recent Wimbledon matches, and I am looking forward to the Olympics.  The torch comes past next Monday so we are getting up early to see it.

Anyway, in celebration of achievements everywhere I made this medal and have now listed it in my etsy shop.

It is of course a giant Dorset button made using metallic gold coloured thread.

So being as you are the best at being you, you might want to get one.

Get your gold medal here.

For more Button Wednesday loveliness go here.

Monday 9 July 2012

Hello to my new readers

Здравствуйте і ласкаво просимо на мій блог.

That is for the Ukranian visitors I have had over the last couple of days. Sorry if it is rubbish but I used Google Translate.  In English ' Hello and welcome to my blog' I think.

Hello to all my new readers and followers. It is very nice to have you here.