Friday 25 September 2009

Lost and Found

I was a bit daft.
My bike was round my mum's but she needed the space. So I thought I would put it in an empty shed in the garden. Now our garden is a communal one for the 5 flats which is fine however, it has a back entrance so you can walk through from the front gate and go to the back gate and I have caught a couple of kids using this route to cut off a corner on their way somewhere.

But I still put the bike in the shed which had no lock. Although I did lock up my bike.

I woke up yesterday morning and saw the shed door open. Uh oh and to confirm my dread indeed the bike was gone. That is that then, I thought. The little **** have probably dumped it and this upset me more than the thought of someone stealing it to ride it.

So got Little Blue ready for school and off we went. Walking along the road I saw a bike leaning against a wall. 'I wonder if that is my bike' I said. And off my girl ran to have a closer look. IT WAS! It was still locked up and you could see evidence of them trying to cut through the lock and failing. Ha Ha!! The only thing I have noticed is that the chain is off. I put my girl on the seat and wheeled her to school then took the bike home.
It is sitting looking at me now, pride of place in my lounge.

And then I get to my course to find out it is only a giving back essays and feedback on them session. I got an A and a B. And had time to go home watch Bargain Hunt and have lunch with Mr BBB before work.

So a good day after a rotten start.

Tuesday 22 September 2009


It may not look like it but I have been busy!
It was Little Blue's 6th birthday and she had her party on Saturday - so what with going to ToyrRus and walking home laden with presents, getting those last minute things for party bags, and the worry of her party, then exhaustion afterwards..I haven't had much time to do any making.

But this morning I have made the basic pattern for my new pouch purses. I will get some made and then show you all. I am quite excited myself!

(P.S. Do try not to laugh at my double-chin and red face!)

Sunday 13 September 2009


I am offering free shipping in my etsy shop this weekend. It is supposed to finish tonight but I am extending my offer to end on 12.oo midnight Monday.

I am also including my supplies & vintage shop in this deal. So have a look as I have a couple of nice vintage items (including the bat wing blouse above) and some clips for your makes.

So if you are looking for something for yourself or as a gift (have you started Christmas shopping yet?) then check out my shop. And remember I do offer custom dorset buttons, and hair clips.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

New Buttons

After a Summer of not making much, I have finally made something and listed it too. These red & white polka dot hair snaps are now available from my etsy shop. Made using a very cute red & white polka dot ribbon but using exactly the same technique I use to make my Dorset Buttons. So although the 3 buttons featured in this post look different they are made in the same way.

This photo shows one of the backgrounds I am using for my etsy shop. It is from a 1950s girls' annual.

These yellow and brown buttons are for a custom order. They are now hair snaps.
And this final photo is of two I made this morning. I used a gorgeous variegated thread. I think these are destined for hair grips too - either snaps or bobby pins (as they say in the USA).

At the moment I am working on some incorporating using seed beads, so I will keep you posted.

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Last Days of Summer

As I am writing this the rain is pouring outside, the ironed school uniform is hanging up and Little Blue's new shoes are waiting in their box.
But we did have a lovely last few days and here are some photos of our visit to what we call The Sandy Park.

Children playing on the swings.

Including some rather big children!
Then we walked home round the creek. The tide was out.

In this one you may be able to see Spinnaker Tower in the background.

So now back to normal. Little Blue is now in Year One. I am returning to work after my lovely 4 weeks holiday. I have already marked half-term on my calendar and counted the weeks. But at least I will have my mornings free to get some sewing done.