Tuesday 23 June 2009

Experimenting with Fabric

I love the idea of designing my own fabric prints. I have registered with Spoonflower but a few months ago someone told me about fabric you can print with an inkjet printer.

I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today. Fantastic service.

I have been drawing and doing a bit of a paisley design so I thought I would scan it it and try it on the new fabric sheets. It is not a brilliant design but I enjoyed doing it and it has shown up some things I can change next time.
This is the fabric with the backing still on.

Peeling the backing off.

The backing all off.

Now I am excited about doing some more designs. I will keep you posted.

Friday 19 June 2009

My New Colourful Life

I often have found myself in drab coloured clothes. How boring. I want to be a colourful person.

One person I look to for inspiration is That Crafty Fish. She is a wonderful colourful person in her creations and the clothes she wears.

Anyway I always have a pain in the summertime finding shoes. I don't really like showing off my toes although I will wear flipflops. But I need something I can walk to work in. I saw these red shoes in Clarks (reduced) and knew I had to have them. I have been breaking them in for 2 weeks and now they are lovely.

So they might not be the sort of shoes a woman fast approaching 41 should wear - but who cares? Part of my new colourful life is to be less dependant on what people think and more about what I feel.

And the hat? I saw it in Help the Aged and loved it. It might not go with the red shoes but I love them both.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

My New Supplies Shop

I have opened a supplies shop on etsy. It is the original named Bigbluebed Supplies.

At the moment I have some clips, four different styles. But do keep having a look.

Friday 12 June 2009

Garden Swap For Me

Sorry that it has taken me a few days longer then it ought to have to write this post - mainly due to bad light for photographing and essays due in.

Here is what I received in the Garden Swap (organised by the lovely Kerry of PennyDog Designs via Crafteroo). Helen of Kitty Ballistic made me a beautiful needle case (which is just what I needed), and a lovely handmade daisy card. She sent me some beautiful buttons which I am going to make into a bracelet, pretty braid, and lovely yarn.

I am going to have a good think about what to make with the yarn as it is so special.

Thank you Helen, thank you Kerry for organising it. I have had a lovely time and been lucky to receive such lovely things.

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Garden Swap (from me)

The wonderful talented Kerry of Pennydog Jewellery organised a Garden Swap (via Crafteroo).

My swap partner is Helen of Kitty Ballistic creations.

As she has now received my parcel, I have revealed here what I made and sent.

This is a photo of a fabric box that I had the idea for in my head. It is the first one I ever made and quite frankly, nearly the last. But it turned out rather well.
The very top photo is of some Dorset Buttons. My apologies for the bad photo. The 3 coloured one is supposed to be a sunflower. Hmmm.