Tuesday 23 June 2009

Experimenting with Fabric

I love the idea of designing my own fabric prints. I have registered with Spoonflower but a few months ago someone told me about fabric you can print with an inkjet printer.

I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today. Fantastic service.

I have been drawing and doing a bit of a paisley design so I thought I would scan it it and try it on the new fabric sheets. It is not a brilliant design but I enjoyed doing it and it has shown up some things I can change next time.
This is the fabric with the backing still on.

Peeling the backing off.

The backing all off.

Now I am excited about doing some more designs. I will keep you posted.


louise35flower said...

What a great product, I have been trying to screenprint but getting in a dreadful mess, would love to know where you got this from!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

6that's great i've been thinking of ordering some of this soon but i'm making myself wait till i have a plan!

louise35flower said...

Thanks for the link am off to check it out now!!

yufinats said...

that's nice! think to make a same things =)

ATELIER said...

oooh that looks nifty and exciting, I may have to have a play myself