Friday 19 June 2009

My New Colourful Life

I often have found myself in drab coloured clothes. How boring. I want to be a colourful person.

One person I look to for inspiration is That Crafty Fish. She is a wonderful colourful person in her creations and the clothes she wears.

Anyway I always have a pain in the summertime finding shoes. I don't really like showing off my toes although I will wear flipflops. But I need something I can walk to work in. I saw these red shoes in Clarks (reduced) and knew I had to have them. I have been breaking them in for 2 weeks and now they are lovely.

So they might not be the sort of shoes a woman fast approaching 41 should wear - but who cares? Part of my new colourful life is to be less dependant on what people think and more about what I feel.

And the hat? I saw it in Help the Aged and loved it. It might not go with the red shoes but I love them both.


cherylline said...

I love the red shoes BBB. and hey I'll be 41 next month, so I feel your dilema re: what and how to wear. but so long as you wear what-ever it is with confidence, you'll pull it off as suitable.

Mel's Mixed Media said...

All you need now is purple... it's an age thing! :)

Mrs B said...

i know kfish would blush with pride that you bought such fabby shoes, inspired by her! she is a rainbow! you go for it! I adore red shoes x