Friday 31 August 2012

The First in My New Range

I am rather excited to show you the first in my new range of necklaces.

They are all on silver chains (marked 925). This one is on 18" but I can order different lengths.  The hoops are handmade by me, using the technique from my dorset buttons.  I can use so many different colours that it will be a joy to make more.  So if you want to order one in your favourite colour, then please let me know.

I will be producing the hoops separately as well, so you can add to your necklace later one.

Available in my etsy shop , or you can contact me direct on 

Thursday 30 August 2012

Being Brave

Mary wasn't being brave in that sense as she wasn't scared. Who would be on that lovely little pony?  I think she wishes it was Angus, the great big horse from 'Brave' the new Disney film.

Mary saw it just before our holiday to Disneyland Paris. She loved it and so did I. I might have cried a bit at the end.

She came back with a few Brave toys.  But the dress was too much money at about £40. So silly mummy said 'I can make you one'!  Why do we open our mouths?!

Anyway I am going to make her one.  And hopefully it will be more like the 'Brave' one than Disney shops own shoddy production.  But maybe I shouldn't speak too soon!

On a humorous note: so the new Disney film 'Brave' has a gorgeous horse called Angus in it.  Well to celebrate their 20th year, Disneyland Paris's celebratory meal, advertised everywhere, was 'Angus Burger, Chips and cola'.  Hmm, not good thinking there.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

A Picture for My Father

It was Dad's 80th Birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad!

What do you get someone who doesn't really need or want anything? (At least he said he didn't when I asked him)

I thought how about something unique? Yes, I answered. So Mary and I painted him a picture of her, me and him.  Now you can tell I am not a good painter as I did Mary (on the right).  She did the rest, more or less.  I love her painting - it is full of life and energy.  The people really are happy.  I also like the red colour that she has used to do my hair.

The artist at work.

Concentrate on the painting and not on Spongebob, Mary!

Our palette.

The finsihed work of art. My Dad, Me and Mary.

Dad like it lots and lots.

Monday 13 August 2012

A Cake for My Father

Wednesday is my Dad's 80th birthday, but he doesn't like that number so I won't mention it again, ok?
On Sunday we went to The Still & West, Old Portsmouth for a celebration lunch, and we all had a lovely time.

Previously my two sisters and I had got together and decided to get Dad a cake. Since this was about the week before we realised we had left it too late to order one, so we bravely/stupidly/wisely  made the decisions to buy a plain one and decorate it ourselves !

So thank you Waitrose for the plain iced cake. It was great.

We popped to a couple of cake decoration shops and bought some packs of coloured pre-made icing.  Now I have never ever decorated a cake before so my expectations were not great.  However, the three of us managed to come up with this :

Mum and Dad love Austria and try and go once a year.  Mum used to ski, so she is the one on the right on skis. Dad is sitting, leaning on his rucksack, with a tankard of beer (bier) by his side, and books. There is a chalet and a lake (with duck) and trees in the background.

I did my mum's head, the lake, duck and trees. I did do Mum's body originally but my sister Claire redid it as I don't think Mum would appreciate looking like a fat red lump.

Do you think Dad liked it?

I think he did!

Also so did my daughter.

While decorating, I searched for ideas on how to make the fir trees and didn't find anything.  So I came up with the idea myself.  So in a few posts time I will post a tutorial on how to make them.

Friday 10 August 2012

Summer Holidays Fun Fun Fun

It is half way through the holidays, and it has gone so quickly!  We have been out and about doing this and that.

We have spent a lot of time watching the Olympics and it has been wonderful! Very inspiring (more of which in another post).

Here are a few photos of things we have been doing.

At the local Splash Pool, the water was lovely.

Mary and Snowy enjoying the water.

Mary at the Portsmouth City Museum Charles Dickens exhibition

My sister enjoying herself at the Museum

Mary in the Stocks as she deserves, at  The Dockyard, Portsmouth
Mary and a friend. Henry VIII who she knows well because of Horrible Histories

Bowling, her first time at a proper alley.

We have another 3 weeks of the Summer holidays to go, inlcduing a few days in Disneyland Paris, and two nights in London. Happy days here we come.

Thursday 9 August 2012

I Love Handmade and Here's Why....

I love buying handmade as you know there is so much thought and effort that has gone into it and often you will have something that is unique.

I also like making things by hand as I can put love into it.  Here is an example of the Snowy costume I made for my daughter, (who is 8 years old amd mad about Tintin and his dog Snowy). I made this for her school's World Book Day.

She is holding a little dog she has had since small who she adores, and what is that round his neck?  It is a scarf, handmade by my daughter.  This is her very first knitting and I am so proud.

I hope that I pass on the love of handmade to her, the next generation, so she can own items crafted with care, and also make own own unique items, made with love. 

Thursday 2 August 2012

Big Screen Olympics

My daughter and I had a lovely time on Wednesday. We popped down town to the park and library and then we were just in time to see the Men's Time Trial. 

We had a great point of view with the giant screen, and it was also very comfortable as there were giant bean bags for us to stretch out on.