Thursday 9 August 2012

I Love Handmade and Here's Why....

I love buying handmade as you know there is so much thought and effort that has gone into it and often you will have something that is unique.

I also like making things by hand as I can put love into it.  Here is an example of the Snowy costume I made for my daughter, (who is 8 years old amd mad about Tintin and his dog Snowy). I made this for her school's World Book Day.

She is holding a little dog she has had since small who she adores, and what is that round his neck?  It is a scarf, handmade by my daughter.  This is her very first knitting and I am so proud.

I hope that I pass on the love of handmade to her, the next generation, so she can own items crafted with care, and also make own own unique items, made with love. 


Dotty said...

I agree- there is nothing nicer than handmade and gifts that have been lovingly made by friends and family mean so much more!
You are giving your daughter a great example and wonderful skills:)

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you Dotty xx