Thursday 22 November 2007

Little Red Flower

I knitted a large flower for a brooch, using Rowan Big Wool Tuft. I really enjoyed it. I then felted it using very hot water, soap, and a good battering in my bathroom.

So much did I enjoy it that I wanted to make another flower. However, this time I'll try smaller, thought I. I ended up using red embroidery cotton as a yarn and darning needles to knit with. It turned out rather well. You can see it in etsy at the link above and also on my flickr page. But I have posted a photo here as well.
In the middle is an antique 19th century glass button. On the back is sewn a silver plated brooch back.
I am really quite happy with it.

Thursday 8 November 2007


I have changed my working hours so that I am no longer working 37.5 hours a week. Instead I am now working 30 hours in 3 days. So although it means long days at least I will be at home more.

So now I can get creative - designing and making.

Last night I was sewing a card wallett and realised that I had made it too small. SO suddenly I thought - 'a cuff'. I tried it and yes it would work. I think it turned out quite well.