Wednesday 26 August 2009

Fun at Home

We have had lots of fun going out for days but sometimes you have to stay in. Luckily Mary is very imaginative and loves the world of make-believe and dressing up. So I knew she would be pleased when this arrived in the post from Yellow Moon and she was..she was over the moon. It is a make you own nail varnish kit from kid's crafts.
The instructions are very clear so she only needed a little help from mum.

And here she is with the finished nail varnish in the lovely bottles. She chose to do blue and pink from the 4 colour options available.
Of course one had to be pink!
We both had great fun and it is nice knowing that after the making there is still some nail varnish left to make her nails pretty (and mum's of course) another day. The kit also came with toe divider and a pretty flower emery board (which I have borrowed, sorry Mary). The extra good thing about this kit is that the nail varnish just washes off.
We were both very happy. And I am browsing the Yellow Moon online catalague for more fun things for Christmas.

Sunday 23 August 2009

Our Summer - Catch Up

Hello. I haven't blogged about our summer for ages so sorry that this is a huge catch-up one.

Little Blue and I went to Gunwharf and a very nice man tried to sell me a hair curler. It was very nice and pretty pink and her hair looked beautiful..but no thanks not for £80 (and that was the sale price).
Earlier in the day we went to the museum to see the birds. It was wonderful. The man had them flying but I have discovered that I am no good at action photography and you will have to make do with this photo instead.
Inside the museum they had an exhibition based around life in Portsmouth and family life. Wasn't I astonished to see a picture of me! I knew my mum had recorded some stories of her life but I did not know she had given them photos a well. I was really proud and wanted to point it out to everyone. Oh yes that is the rest of the family too! I am the baby.

We looked at the art on the wall.

Another day I took Little Blue to the local park (or one of the many local parks as we are quite lucky and have 3 near us). Little Blue decided to take her pram and I was not the least bit embarrassed that she went dressed as a fairy.
It was a very hot day so guess who pushed the pram home? And look who is having a ride..

Last week on a glorious day we decided to go to the Isle of Wight. The night before I checked Wightlink website and saw they had 2 for 1 vouchers for foot passengers to Ryde. So we were lucky enough to get money off the fair. It was still an expensive day though when all the ice-creams and chips and fairground rides had been paid for.
We did not go any further than Ryde and didn't need to as it was lovely. Unlike the other side (ie Southsea) Ryde has a sandy beach. What a change not to hurt your feet on the shingle beach and I did not mind sandy sandwiches at all. In the afternoon the tide went out and I was amazed that you can walk out for ages and the water is quite shallow still. It looked as if you could walk to Portsmouth
Here is a view looking towards Portsmouth and you can see the Spinnaker Tower.
Mary on a darling little carousel.
And two bathing beauties - or maybe one and a beached whale!

Well that is it so far. Well done to getting the the end of this post. Another week and a bit of the holidays to go.

Monday 17 August 2009

New Look to My Etsy Shop

I have been working on a theme to pull everything I make and sell together.
My Dad gave me some anuunals from the 1920s and 1930s and these inspired me to theme my shop around the idea of a 1930s girl's annual.
There is still some work to do but here is the banner in my etsy shop.

Friday 7 August 2009

Summer Days - Thursday Beachcombing and waiting for the catbus.

Thursday was forecast for rain. Turned out hot and I returned home with sun burnt shoulders. But a lovely day all the same.
We went to the shore. Not Southsea which is south - we went east towards Langstone. Over the other side of a busy roads (and one of the main thoroughfares into Portsmouth) was a lovely quite, restful shoreline.
This is the road side:
Looking towards Hayling Island:

Looking towards Portsdown Hill:
The idea was a bug hunt and Mary had a 'map' she had drawn for us to tick any creatures that we saw. I didn't see any googly-eyes at the shore but we did see lots of weeny crabs that I failed miserably to catch for closer inspection.
We went home via a park as despite a lovely walk and exploring Mary still wanted to 'play' as she put it. We said hello to the animals at the park and found that the hens took a shine to Mr BBB cooing (or whatever hens do) at him and following him round.

The ducklings were very cute and the goat a lot bigger than I remembered.

I was a time and we were all exhausted back at home.
Note: if the tide is coming in quickly think of a plan before you are cut off. Mr BBB jumped up on the wall and I remained at the bottom to help hoist up the child. Unfortunately Mr BBB was incapable of hauling up 11 stone of me and I was too unfit to scale the wall. Do not worry I walked a longer way and found another route up. But the people in the boats learning to sail must have had a good laugh.

Before I forget..the catbus.

On the way home which seemed so long, we stopped on a train bridge to see the trains. I was so tired, Mary was tired, Mr BBB was tired. I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if the catbus came and picked us up (google it). I shouted for it, Mary shouted for it, Mr BBB nearly died of embarassment, but it never came. Maybe a railway bridge was the wrong place to wait. Do you know where the catbus stops?

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Summer Days - Wednesday Monsters in the Library

Today we went to the local library for a Monsters Party. The children made monster masks. I love hers with its skilful use of white space.

It is ok, it is only my little girl.

The librarians had brilliantly arranged boxes which children had to close their eyes and dip their fingers in and guess whether it was Shrek's eyeballs or similar. Mine refused to do it even after having a couple of 'little thinks'. They did not allow adults to do it. Shame. I am ashamed to say I was a little bit annoyed with her for not doing it. But I must not expect to live my life vicariously through my child.

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Summer Days - Tuesday Punch & Judy and Saving Snails

Another lovely day today despite the cloud cover and forecast of rain.
We went to the Punch and Judy Show at the City Museum. It was a traditional one with lots of bashings and a crocodile and baby and all. Lots of oohs and ahs from the audience - children and adults alike. We loved it. This next picture is about 20 minutes before the start of the show. Lots of people came and there were 3 shows in all. Mary watched two and would have stayed for the third (all the same).

Afterwards we had a look inside the museum. It is really good and has lots of interesting exhibitions. I have been there lots of times before which is a good thing as I was rushed round by my girl.

Then we went outside again and Mary played in the maze. We saw a butterfly (not a common site where we are).

And we saw a couple of snails. They were right by the maze and children's crushing feet so we each picked one up and moved it to the safety of the bushes. I think this is the first time I have ever picked one up. Having a little girl next to you does make you braver.

On the way back to the bus stop we walked through a park and Mary at long last found a tree she could, in part, climb.

A lovely day but we were so tired that back at home one of us had a nap. The other played with her toys. At nightime we could hear Mary putting on a Punch and Judy show for her toys. Must get crafty and make some puppets.
Another good day and cheap too as the show and museum entry were free.

Monday 3 August 2009

Summer Days - Monday

It is the Summer holidays. I am not at work for another five weeks and so I am looking forward to a summer full of fun with Mary. Hopefully I will remember to take my camera so I can record our days.
Today we went to the city centre park.
I watched Mary playing.

I admired my red shoes.
I had a lie down and looked up.

And looked up some more.
Then we went to the library. Mary has a pose which she turns on every time now.
On the way there we had picked up a parcel from the Post Office. It was for Mary - Make your own nail varnish kit from kid's kits. Mary could not wait to try it. When we got home she rushed to do it without taking off her bag or hat. I pulled off her hat as you can see by her messy hair.
I will report more about the nail varnish kit next time.
Our first day together was good fun. More tomorrow.