Friday 27 November 2009

MooCow, Hats, and Clips

I had a lovely suprise today.

The lovely Maisy (well-know from the UK thread on etsy) bought MooCow a pair of my hair bobbies.

And here they are on one on Moo's lovely hats, and Moo very kindly mentions me and links to my shop.
Well three lovelies in such a short post...but they are all lovely!

Tuesday 24 November 2009

AliBali Jewellery

And now for something completely different..from hats that is (see my last post). But still gorgeous.
Alison of AliBaliJewellery designs and handcrafts most of her sublimely beautiful jewellery using recycled silver and copper. The Little Robin Redbreast Silver Pendant above is so sweet that I had to start with him.
Fine Silver Flower and Leaf Pattern Wide Ring

Isn't this a lovely idea? What a perfect gift to remind you of a loved one. Have a look at the other personalised jewellery here.
Alison has a shop full of beautiful jewellery so do visit and spend some time having a good look. You will not be disappointed.
AliBali Jewellery

Monday 23 November 2009

I need a hat, you need a hat,everyone needs a hat.

Velvet Cloche Hat
Let's face it the weather outside isn't great. It is raining or cold and mostly both. But we do have to go outside and wouldn't it be luverly to not only be dry and warm but also look gorgeous?
All the hats here are available in MoaningMinnie's etsy shop.
Cloche Rain Hat

Tweed Cap

Have a good look in her shop as there is lots more to see and not just hats.

Friday 20 November 2009

IslayBowers - button lust and more..much more

I love buttons and I love lace and I love vintage . So Islay Bowers etsy store is the perfect shop for me and I suspect you.

The buttons above are vintage mother of pearl. They just sing out (in a Cole Porter type refrain) glamour.
Also look at this pretty vintage 1930s lace.

Honestly you need to go and have a look in her store because there is more to see.
And then pop over to this store which is Islay's handmade items including this Personalised Applique Letter cushion.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

A Little Gift to Wear

This is the first of two new brooches in my A Little Gift to Wear Brooch range.
It is a teeny needle&pin case brooch:

For Christmas I have Christmas Greetings:

I am also working on some custom brooches. I can give you a sneaky peak at this one:
So contact me if you do want a custom brooch otherwise have a browse in my etsy shop.

Sunday 15 November 2009

Chameleonite for beautiful Jewellery

I have only met Chameleonite this year and it has been a pleasure to get to know her and see her beautiful work. I am sure that you will agree she makes beautiful jewellery.
Here is a small sample of her lovely designs:
Polka Dot Black & White Beaded Bracelet

Harmony Blues - Vintage Blue & Silver Bracelet

Just Peachy - Vintage Coral Stack Earrings
Each very different but all equally as gorgeous.
Visit Chameleonite's etsy shop here
Read Chameleonite's blog here
Follow Chameleonite on twitter here

Friday 13 November 2009

Snowdrops and Daisies

Whenever I think of Snowdrops and Daisies I think of her lovely felted tubs. They are so lovely to look at and useful for popping things in - like this Cute Red Felted Tub
But there is so much more as well in SnowdropsandDaisies lovely etsy shop.
Perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree are these pretty Origami Christmas Baubles

and also these cute Teeny Felt Stockings

Or not up to Chsitmas yet? Then sit yourself down, brew up a pot of tea, have a cup and keep you pot warm with this lovely Tea Cozy in Marshamllow Pink

Visit Snowdrops and Daisies' etsy shop for more delightful gifts - for you , your home, friends, or family.

Sunday 8 November 2009

AMI Designs - Handmade Jewellery

I would like to introduce to you AMI Designs who designs and makes the most luscious jewellery.

Look at this gorgeous Montana Blue and Silver Pearl Necklace. It is so beautiful.

Matching bracelet and earrings are available:

And in her Bubbles Bracelet range, is this lovely Blueberry bracelet.

And as it is nearly 'that time of year' look at this lovely festive decoration. This Red and Gold Christmas Bauble is just perfect for your tree.

Check out AMI's etsy store as there will be lots there to delight you.

Friday 6 November 2009

More Promotion and handing on the baton

I have some more details of the promotion that my fellow etsy UKers have been doing for me.


'Peppermint' by Creamrose:
' A Few of my faves' by Coloursandtextures:

'Batwing, Maple Squirrel and Stud' by ARE Jewellery:

Mentions in Blogs:
'Am I blue?' by MissMaisy's Chatter:
(I have included a photo as I was her featured seller too).

'Dorset Buttons' by Boutonniere
'Mondays Featured Seller' by AMIDesigns
'Hair Clips' by Parsy Art and Cake


I am passing on the sparkly beaded, knit covered fabric sewn button to the next person who is

so please check out her gorgeous jewellery in her etsy shop.

Sunday 1 November 2009

UK Promotion - Me!

The UK people on etsy have decided to promote each other's shops and guess who they have begun with? Me!
It has been great fun seeing my name and my photos in treasuries and people's blogs. So I thought I would share with you.
The Treasuries so far (there was another one by Quercus Silver but I didn't manage to get a screenshot).

The first one is 'Goodbye October, Hello November' by AliBali Jewellery.
This one is 'Star Spangle or Union Jack' by Islaybower:

This one is 'oops' by AliBali Jewellery:

And this one is 'Am I BLUE?' by SimplyMaisy:

Now for the blogs.

Snowdrop's Thoughts by Snowdrops and Daisies

Islay Finds, Makes and Bakes by IslayBower

Quercus Silver by Quercus Silver

Precious Little Birdy by AngelaCallan

Green River Studio by Green River Studio

So please pop over and have a look at their lovely blogs and not just the posts about me. And then click on the link to their shops for each and every one of these people who have featured me in their blogs and in their treasuries are wonderful, talented people.

There are also many more UK people I would like to thank who have supported me, in giving advice, friendship and help promote me on facebook, twitter and etsy promo threads. So..