Wednesday 27 May 2009

Handmade Card from Parsy

I am increasingly trying to buy handmade presents for people, that is if I don't make them myself.

And this goes for the cards too.

For my brother's recent birthday I bought this fantastic card from Parsy on etsy. Isn't it great? The talented Parsy customised it for me too.

I love handmade.

101 Things to Do With a Dorset Button

Number 3 - Get someone else to do the hard work!!

This is my latest batch of Dorset buttons.

Look at all the wonderful colours. The first photo shows some different stitches that I have used.

I have made them specially for So the wonderful shop owner can do all the hard work of taking photographs!

They won't be there yet but keeping checking as there are lots of other gorgeousness to be found.

Thursday 21 May 2009

101 things to do with a Dorset Button

Number 2

Make them into a necklace
Although strictly speaking only the middle medallion is a Dorset button. I used one length of ribbon and wrapped it round each metal ring one by one. Available to buy in my etsy shop.

Tuesday 19 May 2009

It is a Topsy Turny of course!

I was sewing. Mary was washing up a few plates (I am such a mean mummy) and her dolls.
She popped in a few times to get things from her art box...then came in with a present for me.
It is a TUPSY TURNY. She was most pleased with the bit of glue she put in there.
It makes her daddy feel sick but I am proud to have it sitting on my table.

Sunday 17 May 2009


Following on from my last post, I sold the brooch and so have made more. You can see the other colourway. I love this fabric!

They are all available from my shop at etsy.

My last few posts have all been about me. But don't worry, I will be talking about other great artists and craftspeople soon.

Friday 15 May 2009

Brooches Galore (and other things)

I am working on some brooches as my mum wants me to make one to wear at a wedding she is going to. I expect she thinks I have forgotten but I haven't (honest mum). This is made from some gorgeous paisley fabric I have just bought. There are two discs and each disc is backed with the other fabric, so in total I had to cut out 4 discs. In the middle is a vintage mother of pearl button topped by 3 seed beads.

The tulip one below has a Dorset Button in the middle (of course!). The hair snap popped into the photo as I had just finished it. It is made of purple ribbon and a metallic thread. It is pretty isn't it?
The button in the middle of the other flower has been made using a different stitch than normal.
I may post a tutorial for the top brooch. Shall I?

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Summer is on its Way!

At the May fair, Little Blue planted a seed (she doesn't know what but I do). On the way home I carried the pot and may have spilt a bit! I was rather worried I have spilt the actual seed. But no! If you look closer you can see the seed husk.
Last time I managed to overwater her plant and kill it, so here's hoping..

Sunday 10 May 2009

Hampshire Green Fair

We had a lovely day today. I was going to take my little girl to Gunwharf. But then spoke to my sister and she invited us to East Meon with them, to the wonderful Hampshire Green Fair at the Sustainability Centre there.

The weather was glorious, and there were lots of interesting stalls selling and demonstrating. We drummed in a tipi and looked round a yurt (want one!), and got lost in the woods.

That is how a Sunday should be spent.
Thanks Claire & nick.